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 Spindle Makers, Tenon Cutters, Log Peeler Discs, Drawknives, Clamp and Carriage, Drills, Forstner Bits, Tapered Countersinks, Industrial Grade Barker Tenon Cutters, Long Tenon Cutters & More!

 See our Grinder Mount Log Peeler Disc under "Log Peeler"!


 Milwaukee 1854-1 3/4" drills are in stock; limit 6 per customer; see "Drills & Drawknives"



Add these Easy-to-Use log furniture building tools to your shop and you will have the opportunity to create custom log furniture and log railings for your home or to sell.

 Build Your Own Log Furniture--

 So Easy Anyone Can Do It!

With the right tools, you or others in your family will be able to make log furniture and build your own log railing within hours!  Whether you are just beginning to build log furniture or a professional, our tenon makers and log furniture tools will help you take advantage of this rapidly growing Industry. Take advantage of our Tenon Cutter and Kit Sale on Now!


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View the tool to make log furniture
Click on the image to the left to view a video clip of how the tenon cutter works!


 Everything you need to build Log Furniture

On Sale Now!

Log Furniture and Log Railing are so Simple to Build, It Takes Only Four Tools!

Tenon Cutter   
Forstner Bit 
Bench Vise or Clamp & Carriage 


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The perfect gift for the builder in your life!


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